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The One Where School Started
Sunday | September 11, 2005 | 8:05 PM | Nikki | Comments (2)

School started August 17th and the only class I enjoy is programming. The rest pretty much stink. I'm glad I only have a semester, that's for sure. Oh, I also had to get a shot for school, because they said they'd suspend anyone who doesn't take it. What kind of crap is that? kick out a kid for NOT taking a drug. sheesh. Even though they can't by law, I got it anyway. they're just lucky i don't have a needle phobia! Let's see what else is new... oh, in my last entry I talked about how I've started to drive and that i'm just best driver to sit behind the wheel (nascar, here I come!;)), like hitting gas pumps and running off the road, well when I was driving to my aunts, a dog ran out in front of me and there wasn't much i could do. Needless to say, I didn't handle that very good. I've never been in a vehicle that's hit anything, let alone someone's cute, fluffy pet. Now, i'm not much of a crying person. I usually don't cry when I watch movies, cry when my players or teams win or lose, and I didn't cry when the exit polling results were coming out at last years elections like my conservative teacher (who claimed his knees turned weak), but I totally lost it when I "murdered" that poor dog... in front of my dad and brother who probably hadn't seen me cry since i was 15. Gosh was that bad.

Anyway, I have to talk about my sport because, hey, it's my blog and I've probably watched 30 hours of it the past two weeks. Now, a month ago I said sarcastically that it would be nice for Andy to win a match at the open. he didn't.:-/ So that sucked, to say the least. But he didn't "give up" during the match, so I don't plan on giving up on him anytime soon. plus he beat hewitt. you can't not like a guy who beat hewitt at Cincy. i mean COME ON. let's just hope he and the Davis Cup team can get a good win on clay next week. Other then that, this open has been great. I'm so happy for the rest of the American men. Kinda bummed about Agassi though. The last set was hard to watch. but he did manage to take a set off federer in a slam final, something only Roddick, up to this point, has been able to do. So at least it wasn't a blow out like last years final.

Oh, and before I go, I have to give out a big WOOT (inside family joke :-P) to Notre Dame for beating Michigan yesterday! I'm ashamed to admit that I probably watched more of that game then the Robby/Andre match, but hey, this is my team who has totally sucked for the past several years that's finally playing good. :)


HEY NIKKI! I'm taking programing too except right now, its kind of boring for me, lol cuz our teacher doesn't really do anything haha.

Gosh, i woulda lost it too if I hit a dog, what happened after? like was the owner there? Our school started last week lol Sept. 6 So it just started and i'm already counting down days till winter break gah@!

September 13, 2005 2:06 AM

Hey. Yeah, my teacher has said about 5 words to me this year, but that's just how the class is since there is only me and this other boy who is in advanced programming. I'm in the class with the advance computer apps kids, so it's to hard to teach so many so many different things.

Anyway, i didn't stop when i hit the dog... i just couldn't, and i wish i had now. the family wasn't outside, otherwise i would have had to stop and i think that would have been worse. i thought i was going to have to pull over and let my dad drive though because i couldn't see the road anymore and i thought i was going to throw up and i was shaky... so, fyi: don't hit someone's cute pet!

but yeah, i'm glad i go back a lot earlier then most schools becuase I get out so much sooner too. I got out on the 31st i think. of course, i'm still counting down the days too lol

September 13, 2005 7:26 PM
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