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The One With The Weekend
Monday | May 29, 2006 | 11:51 PM | Nikki | Comments (2)

Over the weekend my dad decided to take down (not up) our pool, and my brother and I had to help a little bit. Let's just say i haven't done that much physical activity since I was 12. I was so sore saturday night it hurt to walk, but I'm pretty good now. My arm and wrist still hurt though because my brother and i thought it would be fun to see how hard and far we could hit tennis balls, which always kills me. I also fell/rolled right out of my neighbors hammock, which is a lot more painful than it sounds, especially when the thing is like 50 feet off the ground.

I also saw X-men on sunday, which was really good. I thought it was the best of the three, but it I thought it was pretty short. The previews at the beginning seemed longer than the movie. Although they did show the new Superman trailer, so I guess it was worth it. Man, just when I thought i couldn't possibly be any geekier i go and say something like that.

I guess that's about it... last week I did manage to download almost 50gb worth of crap off usenet though. Quite a feat considering I only have 15gig of space combined from two hard drives. I did forget to delete something before downloading once and I kinda ran out of room in the middle of a download... I don't think computer has ever barked that much at me before. it definitely wasn't pretty. My dvd burner certainly hasn't felt that alive since the week I bought it though! I've also been working on a website for this guy at the local computer store, but it's not going the greatest. Oh, and of course the french open has started! Andy plays tomorrow... on a bum ankle. That kid sure does have the worse luck sometimes. Let's hope I don't have a stroke watching him tomorrow for the first time since march ;)


Am I reading right, your dad took down your pool so you haven't got one to use anymore? Falling out of a hammock sounds painful, exactly the reason I am scared of them, it sounds hard to do with dignity! I saw X-Men 3 a few weeks ago and haven't seen the others but I quite liked it! French Open has way passed now, but wimbledom starts on Monday, yay! I have tickets and I fully intend to feel good about it, center court tickets for ladies final... I love my friends who get them for free at work!

June 25, 2006 10:08 AM

Helloimw - this is just a testing, don't worry about it

May 20, 2007 6:39 AM
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