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The One With The Weekend
May 29, 2006 | Monday | 11:51 PM | Nikki | 11:51 PM | Comments (2)

Over the weekend my dad decided to take down (not up) our pool, and my brother and I had to help a little bit. Let's just say i haven't done that much physical activity since I was 12. I was so sore saturday night it hurt to walk, but I'm pretty good now. My arm and wrist still hurt though because my brother and i thought it would be fun to see how hard and far we could hit tennis balls, which always kills me. I also fell/rolled right out of my neighbors hammock, which is a lot more painful than it sounds, especially when the thing is like 50 feet off the ground.

I also saw X-men on sunday, which was really good. I thought it was the best of the three, but it I thought it was pretty short. The previews at the beginning seemed longer than the movie. Although they did show the new Superman trailer, so I guess it was worth it. Man, just when I thought i couldn't possibly be any geekier i go and say something like that.

I guess that's about it... last week I did manage to download almost 50gb worth of crap off usenet though. Quite a feat considering I only have 15gig of space combined from two hard drives. I did forget to delete something before downloading once and I kinda ran out of room in the middle of a download... I don't think computer has ever barked that much at me before. it definitely wasn't pretty. My dvd burner certainly hasn't felt that alive since the week I bought it though! I've also been working on a website for this guy at the local computer store, but it's not going the greatest. Oh, and of course the french open has started! Andy plays tomorrow... on a bum ankle. That kid sure does have the worse luck sometimes. Let's hope I don't have a stroke watching him tomorrow for the first time since march ;)

The One Where I Have No Life
May 14, 2006 | Sunday | 1:12 PM | Nikki | 1:12 PM |

It's been so long since I've posted anything, but honestly, nothing has been going on around here that's noteworthy. I finally drove yesterday, and since I'm the only teenager in the country who has the unexplainable phobia of driving, I'm quite proud of myself. I also turned 18 on April 13th, so I can now legally date 45 year old married men... woot! ;) I also added like 4 new skins over the past months. Three of them are, you guessed it, Andy Roddick, and one is Tom Welling. Pathetic, i know. But I do plan on making the first Andy layout the default for one the site, even though he's wearing the awful orange visor. orange. a male tennis player wearing an orange visor... But I like the pictures and colors, so go check it out.

I've also been going through some serious tennis withdrawals lately. I think i've read Tursunov's blog 20 times now. and the other day I was listening to my yahoo radio station when it played a song that reminded me of tennis so much I felt giddy... giddy! So naturally I had to download it and listen to it a million times wondering how this song could remind me of tennis, when it hit me. It was the same annoying song used in the lacoste summer 04 commercials. it's from Natasha thomas and called "It's over now". I hated the song so much that summer that I would actually mute the tv when it came on. My little brother still remembers me doing it (and the "string on my finger" car song, oh gosh was that the worst). So how can I suddenly love a song that I despised so much just 2 years ago? Tennis deprivation. that's how. I'm not sure if that's even a word, but it's the only explanation. It's so sad. I'm convinced that music is the best memory trigger, not smell like those lame deodorant commercials claim. But the french open is almost here... a great tournament where I get to see all my favorites lose the 1st round! It's still tennis though, so I'll take it.

Of course I've been watching Smallville fanatically. I've also managed to sucker my dad into watching the show too, so it's nice to share theories with him. I think the season final would have been better if Lex/Zod tossed Lana into the phantom zone too. although all she would have done in there is complain and somehow blame Clark, so maybe he could have just thrown her off the top of the LuthorCorp building instead. haha, I crack myself up. Anyway, my dad thinks it's Jor-El in Lex, not Zod, which makes sense when considering Jor-El's past history on the show. I personally believe Jor-El has been Zod all along, which I think can make sense too, because let's face it, Jor-el has been pretty darn evil. All we're both certain about though, is that poor ole superman is just a pawn in this game and in a whole world of trouble now. If the CW doesn't pick up this silly little show i'm going to be ticked.

Well, that's about it. At least I have something else to talk about now other than just tennis and football. It's equally as boring, but it's my blog so what can I do? I'm sure I'll be back to rant and rave about the french open, so see you then.

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