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The One With The Last Day High School
December 31, 2005 | Saturday | 9:44 PM | Nikki | 9:44 PM |

December 21st was my last day of high school, woohoo. I decided to graduate midterm last year with all the intentions of going straight to a community college, but i have a teeny, tiny, barely even noticeable, life halting problem of not being able to drive still. I probably would have just went the full year of school knowing that I wouldn't be able to get over my crazy phobia in 9 freaking months. Oh well, at least I don't have to go back to that craphole for a long time. Maybe I'll never have to go back since I'm not going to walk down the aisle or whatever for the graduation ceremony. How anti-social am I?

Anyway, I apologize for never updating. The only things I ever really want to write about is weird things i've done with my site or what a great time it is to be a northern indiana sports fan (Sox, Notre Dame, Colts, Bears... can life get any better?!) or a crazy tennis match i saw (speaking of which, I bought a couple older Roddick matches, which you can go ahead and call me crazy since my family already has, and it totally pumped for the Australian open). And I know it's my blog and i should post what i want, but i'm also very lazy and good at making excuses, so I'll just stick with the usual "i didn't update because I have nothing to talk about" excuse.

Okay, well I hope everyone had a great Christmas and happy holidays. And even though my new years resolution isn't to blog more, i do hope to do so more often. Maybe I'll post some boring crap about the Aussie Open that starts in only 15/14 days. I really hope my boys have fun and do well over there

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