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The One Where I Saw a Pro Tennis Match
Friday | August 12, 2005 | 9:42 PM | Nikki | Comments (3)

All right... so it's been quite a while since I've updated. I can't use my usual lame excuse of "nothing has been going on", because a lot has happen in the 4 months (to the day!) I haven't posted. Such as, I stayed at a college campus with my cousin and was almost dragged to a drag show (and no, not a drag race, like I assumed it was going to be), I'm 17 now, I've started to drive (watch out and hide your children! i cannot turn to save my life, or yours. I almost hit a pump a couple weeks ago. I "curbed" it... no real damage haha. oh, and I almost ran off the road about 3 times already), and... well a lot more has happened, I just can't remember anymore. I start school next Wednesday, ick. One more semester and I'm out of there. I'm graduating mid-term and going to college in the spring. Oh, and before I talk about my tennis experience, I put up some new skins, as you may have noticed. Nothing special though. I've also installed the MTMarco plugin, meaning I get to add smiles with ease :). Now I can deck out the rest of my post with smilies :-D

Okay, so on july 20th my dad and I went to Indy to watch the night session match between Dent and Gambill. I preorder the tickets a month eariler, so we had FRONT row seats. It was a crap load of money for two tickets, but I was right on the baseline! We got there about an hour or two early, so we got to see several matches already in progress. It was incredible to see pro players playing tennis all over. I can't describe it. I was just surrounded not only my thousands of people who finally likeed the same sport as me, but people who make a living playing it. One thing though, I was like the only kid on the outer courts. I wasn't under the impression that this is an old man's sport or hobby... i mean, I'm not collecting stamps over here. How was I the only kid wanting to watching Baghdatis save break points and then scream and jump for joy and all that when he won the second? Maybe because a certain someone wasn't there. I mean I was pretty bummed out I didn't get to see Roddick either, but Taylor was my "second choice" anyhow, and I've always liked Jan-Mike too. I was just relieved I didn't have to watch Kiefer's annoying stare downs :rolleyes:. I did get a glimpse of him though, so all together I saw about 10 or 11 players I knew, a couple guys practicing who I couldn't figure out who they were (edit: found out that it was Robby Ginepri and his coach!), and couple doubles players i've never heard of. Okay, so with maybe the exception of Dent and Kiefer, not exactly the most well known players were there, but it was still worth the crazy amount of money i spent on those darn tickets. I wish I would have taken a camera though, I have no pictures to remember it now.

So, I guess that's about it. Here's to another 4 months before I touch my site. and to Andy Roddick, who maybe, just maybe, will actually win a match in a masters event. oh wait, his projected draw is Melzer, Ferrero, Henman, Nadal, hewitt (no capital letter in your name mister), and Fed. ha, okay well a match win at the Open would be nice ;)


OKay, I suppose I should hurry up w/updating my site now I have 6 days until I am 4 months to the day... so I better make a enw layout quick, because I promised myself no new layout, no updates! okay, well I'm gonna go back to chatting with you on MSN talk to you...ummm, in like 2 seconds!

August 13, 2005 10:34 PM

omg! yay!!! nikki posted hehe :) Your so lucky you get to graduate early. argh, I have to wait until next summer to graduate, so I'd be starting college next fall

September 5, 2005 6:21 AM

Hey Jenn and Gina!
Gina, I swear i'm heading over to your site RIGHT NOW to get updated on your going ons. i've been sooo lazy these past few months, sorry. and Jenn, i'm going to say it again, i just love you're layout hehe :-)

September 12, 2005 7:24 PM
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