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Monday | September 19, 2005 | 7:59 PM | Nikki | Comments (2)

Shorter entry to just say because of Indiana testing for 10th graders I'll have 3 half days starting tomorrow :), I'll get to leave at 10:50! Anyway, school is still the same (boring). Programming is great though. I thought playing with html and dreamweaver was fun last year in advanced computers...pfft. Oh, i forgot to mention that i'm officaly signed up for the dreaded SATs. ick. I know seniors are supposed to have already taken it, but hey, at least i'm doing it! that's about all that's happened since the last time I used my poor little site. Besides have a pretty nasty cold that's finally going away. Oh, and of course Notre Dame just HAD to lose saturday :cry:. Nice job guys, after beating the number 3 ranked team, and coming back from 3 tds down you lose it by 3 in overtime. then Manning couldn't throw a ball to save his life yesterday (though they did win), so yeah, football sucks. if the Colts lose to the patriots again in the playoffs i'm never watching it again. ever. I'll watch baseball or something. White Sox are having a good year anyway. oh, and go USA in Davis cup! our boys can win this, even though its on clay, (they probably dread the clay more then i dread the SATs for you nontennis peeps), I know they can... maybe ;)


I know what you mean by the SATS I might have to be signed up for the PSATS this year which I'm scared to death for but In Canada you don't NEED to them but if you want to go to "post-secondary" in the states you do, and I dunno what I wanna do but if I go to school in Canda like in UBC or something I'm good to go.

HURRAY Andy didn't lose! and the Davis CUp team for USA won!

September 27, 2005 1:26 PM

lol im a senior! i havn't taken mine yet, i'll be taking it next week.. so ike 5 days, YIKES

October 1, 2005 12:06 PM
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