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The One With the Super Bowl
Sunday | February 4, 2007 | 10:49 AM | Nikki | Comments (0)

I'm still alive and kicking, even though it's freaking freezing outside. I don't know why I still continue to pay for this silly site, but I do. The domain expires in April, but I'm sure that my inability to let things go will force me to renew it. It'll be four years old... yikes. Anyway, I still live with my dad and still I can't drive, meaning I'm only taking online college courses, which makes me quite pathetic. I've also gotten myself obsessed with American dialect and accents. Call me crazy, but I think it's fascinating that people call pop, "soda" (these people are also called "lame" ;)) or that somehow, people can actually pronounce mary, marry, and merry differently, all because of where they were born. I also got into World of Warcraft, and I mainly played an undead mage on Aerie Peak. It was fun but I got burnt pretty fast. Oh, and my older brother did finally join the Army and I'm pretty sure he's done with basic either this week or next. Speaking of brothers, I somehow managed to get my younger one into Smallville too. The jury is in and my family agrees: Lana Lang needs to kick the bucket, buy the farm, bite the big one, roll over and die, whatever. I have really loved the last four episodes though, despite Lana, the Justice League being a terrorist group, and Superman turning into a homewrecker.

So, the Super Bowl. It's Bears vs Colts... and I'm still completely straddling the fence. You see, with everything else, I have a definite favorite. With tennis, I want Roddick to win no matter what. I love Fish and Safin, but I wanted Andy to steam roll them at the Aussie open. I was almost secretly happy to see Blake go down early knowing Andy would pass him in the rankings. That may be sadistic and cruel, sure, but I'm loyal. Same goes for Notre Dame football. I'll root for Michigan State if it means Notre Dame will look better. And to a lesser extent, I'm for the White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks, etc. But with NFL I have two teams, Chicago and Indy, and I cannot, for the life of me, decide which team I want to see win. I was born a Bears fan, I still sleep in Bears shirts, my mom is from Chicago, and my county was even put in the same time zone as the city despite being part of "Michiana," not "Chicagoland," simply because Indiana is absolutely moronic and likes people to suffer in this horrible central time zone while the rest of the state in eastern time laughs at us suckers. My point is that I live really close to Chicago. And for as long as I can remember, the Bears have pretty much sucked. So it's not my fault I jumped on the Colts bandwagon several years ago. And that's the team I've been following a little bit more than Bears lately, so I'm torn. Regardless, this probably won't happen again, and no matter what, I'll get to say MY team won the Super Bowl tonight. I suppose my team will also lose tonight, but I'm going to being optimistic with this one :)

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