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The One With 3 More Skins
Friday | December 10, 2004 | 11:08 PM | Nikki | Comments (4)

Amazingly, I kept to my promise and managed to get 3 more skins up and running. The two "additional" layouts are a blue and yellow Brad Pitt layout (I know I've used that picture about 20 times in layouts, but it's simply the best one of him. And those colors are the colors to our rival school... but it's almost Notre Dame colors, so it evens out), and a tealish layout with my new tennis hunk Marat Safin. I found that picture at adidas.com, so credit to them. But don't worry, Andy still out does him in every category (and yes, including tennis. I was an idiot not to tape the Safin/Roddick match at the tmc this year). Speaking of which, the third one is a whole new layout with him. I couldn't help myself. In my head this layout looked awesome, but of course the longer i worked on it the crappier it started to turn out. The final product is not good. But, I was trying to find a nice big picture of Mardy Fish, but man, I can't find anything. I tried using the google search, and I get small pictures of him and then random pictures of federer and Andy. Weird. I did manage to find one usable picutre of him from a couple years ago, but someone had to write thier dumb logo all over it.

You know, we're supposed to get a lot of know sunday and monday, and maybe even a bit throughout the week. Maybe the next time I blog I'll be talking about how great my day off was! Or, I just totally jinxed it, and all the schools around us will get off but my school. Seems like that's what happens all the time anyway.


Best of luck on getting some days of school off. I know that our area never does. Its much too warm here and it only snows in February and very late January. Mother Nature is a bit of a slacker here. I like your latest skin with the tennis player. My friend Domaneek LIVES to watch tennis on tv. I remember her telling me about some Italian guy that she loves to watch, but I might have been zoning out a little. Anyway, good luck getting a snow day or too! Use it wisely.

December 12, 2004 2:45 AM

Yay, I love the new roddick skin *swoons*

I bet your happy now, Federer was FINALLY beating in the Austrailian Open against none other than Marat Safin! The only question is... if Roddick beats Hewitt who will you cheer for? I'm just happy Safin beat Federer, I admit I'm not a huge fan of Safin, but since he beat him he's gained a few points in my book...I couldn't stand watching Federer winning another Grand Slam title!

January 27, 2005 10:01 AM

Oh man was I happy. Had Andy won though, my loyalties would still lie with Andy. No one tops him. And hey, who wants to watch Federer win another slam anyway, right?

February 5, 2005 4:56 PM

eugghhh! I know, I used to like him, until he started slaughtering EVERYONE!

February 8, 2005 10:53 PM
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