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The One With Davis Cup
Sunday | December 5, 2004 | 9:56 PM | Nikki |

Well, the davis cup was this weekend. And even though the US didn't win, it wasn't a complete blowout, and the boys truly did try their hardest, they were just outplayed on the stupid clay. After watching fridays matches without knowing the results it was decided that I would just look at the scores when I woke up to protect my health and sanity. But you know, it's quite hard to sleep knowing your favorite player is playing, so I broke my promise of never watching the live scoring i made to myself after the Olympic match against Hass (that was absolutely horrible, and i could have swore i was starting to fell chest pains), and watched the last 2 sets of Andy's match tick away. Actually, after he lost the second, I had to leave and listen to some Enya to try and calm down a bit, but that worked like crap, so I actually tried Metallic, which seriously almost worked better then Enya, but neither helped so about 20 minutes later I was back looking at the scoreboard. Oh well, he still quite possibly played his best clay court matches ever, and hopefully that's what he'll remember when he starts the European clay court season next year.

Another thing, I've been playing around with some new layouts, well, one new layout and about 2 or 3 additional skins, so hopefully I'll get those up in a couple days. maybe. I also finally updated my desktop picture.

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