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The One Where I Never Blog
Saturday | February 5, 2005 | 4:29 PM | Nikki | Comments (5)

Before I begin to discuss the neglect this blog has gone through, I must say one thing. Marat Safin, I love you. Thank you for defeating Llayton...and Roger! I am quite proud of my layout dedicated toward you. Okay, now that's done, I want to defend myself by saying I haven't totally forgotten about this. I've been doing little odds and ends on the blog and domain for a while. I've fixed the spamming problem with the comments by adding MT Blacklist and a little script that makes you type in a number before posting. Annoying, I know. But it's the only way I can keep the comments section up. I've also found a picture of Mardy Fish that I've been trying to deciding how I want to add into a new layout. Plus, I've been toying around with many new scripts. I've finally got my paws on a vBulletin. I'm in love. There are so many functions and things you can do with it that it makes my head spin.

Well, the Aussie Open was a week or two ago. Wasn't that a roller coaster of emotions. I was in the computer lab for Health when I read Safin defeated Federer. I was speechless. Basically I was in a good mood because I cannot stand the man. Oh, and the tournament just opened up so much. I thought Andy would take it for sure. So I wake up Friday morning at 3am to catch the semi live (yeah it's pathetic. but i'm the same person who asked her dad for a 5 hour tennis match for xmas, only to watch it all in one night. that's just how i am. but in my defense, that was the best tennis match i've ever seen. period. plus, how the heck are you suppose to turn off a match 19 all in the 5th?! Itís impossible) and Andy takes the first set easy, even though both players were a bit flat, so I wasnít that worried. But somehow Andy lost not only the semi, but his number 2 ranking, his forehand somewhere in the 3rd, and his serve was lost too, but I don't want to get into that either. So that was quite a disappointment, especially with my dislike for Hewitt and his stupid "Come on!" with the fist pump crap. On top of that I got started to get sick with a cold that morning, and it still hasn't completely gone away.

So the super bowl is this weekend. I'm still so bitter toward New England for smashing Indy that I will probably be rooting against them, but it's probably no hope. I will only say one good thing about New England, which is that Tom Brady is quite possibly the best looking athlete in history. There. Anyhow, I think the whole school was in a state of mourning that Monday after Indy lost. I wouldn't have been surprised to have seen the high school flag at half mast.

All right, this was the longest entry ever, but that's what I (you) get when I never blog. I'll try to post more often, but, you know me.


hey again, I'm very happy because now I'm on the staff of a graphics site! www.broken-beautiful.net

anywho, I can't beleive you don't like Layton!!! LE GASP! but I'm awfully saddened that he bumped Andy down to number THREE in the world!!! I had a black day (I wear nothing but black) when I read that.

I have a calendar in my room now that is currently displaying the bryan bothers and it shows all the major tournaments so I can have proper countdowns! next big thing: davis cup round 1 *ding* *ding*

February 8, 2005 9:32 PM

Hey, we're on at the same time lol. Oh man, you like Llayton?! and you don't like Marat that much? Jenn... I'm going to have to teach you some lessons here.

But hey, congrats on that site. and hey, i didn't know you played neopets! what's your name? I'm prozac01 though I rarely visit anymore.

What calendar is that? that sounds like a good one lol

February 8, 2005 9:51 PM

it's the USopen calender or the ATP calendar or something it has andy in june i think... I'm many accounts, right now I'm aqualline, I'll go add you

I actually came to find you (well this site) through neopets! my friend is in your neopets fanlisting, and I decided to browse through them one day and you owned and I looked at your full site, and I found out you liked andy roddick. (kinda hard to miss) and i've been checkin' back ever since ^___^

February 8, 2005 10:52 PM

Oh okay, I think i saw those on ebay haha. but I just forgot that I blocked all neofriend requests because of that fanlisting (which i no longer have). i was getting so many requests that i couldn't take it anymore. i'll take that off. I'll try to add you now though. but i had no idea you came from the fanlisting! i figured you came from roddickonline.com or something. i can't believe you found out that I liked Andy though...i mean you can't tell by looking at my blog or anything ;-)

February 9, 2005 6:34 PM

no, not at all! XD

February 9, 2005 6:49 PM
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