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The One With The Dandruff
Wednesday | May 26, 2004 | 7:32 PM | Nikki | Comments (8)

I'm scarred for life. I don't think I'll ever be able to mentally heal from the experience I had in math class today. Okay, so I'll try to make a long story short here, but it's still going to take a bit to get into. Lets just say this girl, Casey, has had a lot of bad rumors floating around about weird, disgusting, and almost unbelievable things that she does about and with her hair. I didn't believe a word of it because it was just to far fetched. Well. I was wrong. Completely.
She was sitting about 3 rows over, and my math teacher was just droning on and on (so about the whole class was sleeping), when I looked over and saw Casey scratching her head. Okay not that big of a deal, I know. But then she starts like fluffing her hair over her desk. Needless to say dandruff and dead skin fell onto it. This is where it gets good. Or in my case, horribly scarring. She then scooped up the falling dead skin into her palm,


Talk about never being able to sleep again. She did it again, and again, and even started scratching her head and using her fingers to really get in there. I didn't have the guts to say anything, my guts were squirming all over the place to be working up any nerves to confront her on it. This went on for 90 minutes (the whole darn class, no sarcasm, that class is 90 minutes long and she dug for gold the whole time), and I probably won't ever be able to get it out of my head. I'm scarred for life. Thank god I won't have to walk in that class ever again.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last day of school! I only have to come in first hour to take my Spanish final, and then I'm out for good. It's finally paying off to try a bit in school, I don't have to take 7 finals and I get to go home and a half day early. Defiantly worth it.


Ewww! thats sooo gross. i think i could have lived without knowing that. luckly you wont have to see her again! Well i came from your friends site i like it a lot. bye

May 27, 2004 6:20 PM

Eww, that's gross! Seriously, I would never have believed that if I'd heard it either!

May 27, 2004 7:27 PM

Thanks Ashley. You know, I have a good friend named Ashley from school, I'm sure you're not her hehe. Yeah, it is kinda unbelievable, which is why I didn't believe it when I heard about it. But yeah, its so true. Gosh I can't stop thinking about it lol =)

May 27, 2004 8:51 PM

Um.. that was very gross. I remember when you told me about it when i got home from school nikki! just the thought of that, makes me want to vomit all over my computer, and the real talking battle ship game :)

June 4, 2004 1:53 PM

haha. . .yeah, that was scarring. . .the sad part is. . .YOU SHARED IT W/ ALL OF US!. . .haha, i like this part of your site a lot nik. u should invest in our camper story;) lol. . .n e wayz. . .this thing is kewl! c ya lata!

June 7, 2004 12:10 PM

*Trick* (It hurts to call you Trick after what i found out about *Drew* you know. Which, by the way, I have to tell you another thing about him)! I can't belived you got here. Yeah, like I could REALLY let a story like this not be told. lol our camper story is great, I should tell it sometime. Still the scarest moment of my life, and this dandruff story is pretty bad. To bad your not in my math class!
And kyle, go ahead and throw up on that battle ship game. I can't win anyway.

June 8, 2004 6:23 PM

OMG! Thats completely nasty and i have a HARD time believeing it, are you sure it was dandruff or was it just your imagination? I also find it rude how if u think youre SO nice by not telling her anything than why the hell did u put it all over the internet? think about it

September 10, 2004 4:57 PM

Yeah, of course this is true. Why in the world would I make this up? Or how? Anyway, there isn't anyway in heck that I would ever go up to this girl and tell her that eating dandruff is unhealthy. If you'd like, I could give you her number so *you* could be so *nice* and tell her. Also, the only person from school who knows about my site is Noelle who posted above, and I would have told her anyway. I think this is quite a humorist story, and I don't feel any remorse for posting about it. I'm sure you'll never see this comment, but hey, its my blog. You don't have to post this in yours do you? Think about it.

September 10, 2004 8:27 PM
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