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Friday | May 28, 2004 | 11:48 PM | Nikki |

So tonight I bit the bullet and upgraded to the free version of MT. (I want to point out that I didn't run in to one single problem upgrading, where I've seen tons of people having the hardest time. That has to be a first) I figured since I only use 3 blogs and one author, I should do it. The only way you can get the new free version is if you have 3 blogs and one author. Well, the main platform looks a bit different, it's nice after looking at the old one for so long. Whats weird though, is the first thing I did was make another blog, just to see what would happen, yeah I'm stupid like that, and it let me with no problem. Hmm, I guess it doesn't matter how many you have? Maybe 5 is the limit. All I know, as neat as the new interface looks, and a few new features in this, it's defiantly not worth paying for this. I guess I can't judge it so fast, I haven't had time to really mess the thing up yet, but as of now, it's not worth it. MT 2.6 is still free, so I would just stick to that. I don't think I'll be switching anytime soon though. I've seen a lot of people moving on over to Wordpress and so on, but MT still gets the job done for me.

Oh! On another note, as of yesterday I'm offically on summer break! Woohoo. I'm not sure when I go back, but sometime in August. That's a lot of free time =)

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