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The One With Four New Skins
Sunday | May 23, 2004 | 7:07 PM | Nikki |

Well I spent all day trying to make this new layout in pure css. Well, I was so close to getting it just the way I wanted but I just couldn't get the right side to work. So, I broke down and used my trusty tables. It felt good to use them. A lot of this layout is still CSS, so I named it CSS Blue, and same with the other colors that I hurried and made (Orange, purple, and green), because I couldn't think of any other name. I actually like these layouts, they're pretty simple looking.

Anyway, another update about my bandwidth because I know you all are dying to know. About the 7th my sever changed, so my bandwidth restarted. It was at 4gig. I thought I wouldn't have to worry about bandwidth this month. Well, yesterday I was at 11500mb of bandwidth, and I only get 12000. Well to make a long story short, I asked someone at my hosting company when all the accounts where going to get the double bandwidth and space and he said 60/90 days but he did my account right then and there. So again, I don't have to worry about bandwidth this month. I love my host sometimes =)

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