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The One Where I Can't Think of One
September 28, 2004 | Tuesday | 8:04 PM | Nikki | 8:04 PM | Comments (4)

I can't think of a title. I'm lazy, and tired. oh well. I really don't feel like blogging, and i've sort of abandoned my whole domain. I've given up my fanlistings, there are still many left here. I think I'm just going through another one of my common phases. It'll come back though, it always has before. I just can't smell it like I used to. and I know that sounds totally insane, but seriously, I swear I can smell coding sometimes. Okay, that sounds pathetic, but its true. Anyhow, school is horrible, of course. my grades are horrible, well two classes are anyway. English, no surprise there, and adv computers. Yeah, i have an 82C in like my favorite class (us history is a close second, even though my teacher is an extreme democrat(communist/socialist? lol), but I do think shes my nicest teacher, and I do actually like the class discussions and the style of teaching she has) that I know the work to like the back of my hand. Oh well, at least I like the class, and I started javascript, which is new to me (so I swear I could smell it), even though no one uses it anymore. Do they?

Oh, and I guess before I go I had to rant about tennis (oh, and brag about Andy's new 155 mph serve record). The rest of the season will mainly be shown on the Tennis Channel, which of course I don't get, meaning I won't get to watch tennis until..about the Australian Open. Okay, maybe not that long, but it will be to long, and I'm worried for my health.

The One With My New Computer
September 20, 2004 | Monday | 8:43 PM | Nikki | 8:43 PM | Comments (2)

I finally have XP now! Bye Bye 98. Technically, this computer isn't new, it's the one I used when I had to go to my dad's every weekend, but since I live with him now, the computer was only collecting dust, so we finally switched over. I still have quite a few things to get over on this computer though, like putting up that button Faith made me a couple days ago, and of course taking a new screen shot of my computer with my pretty xp skins. My dad also just put on the Sims 2, and its incredible so far! Don't expect to seem me in the next month or two.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot my karma story. Okay, you see the other day I found out my library had the rolling stones magazine. I also knew that Andy Roddick had some awesome pictures in there, I just didn't know the dates, so I finally find one with his name on the cover. Needless to say, I took the picture with very little guilt. It's this one if anyone cares to see. Anyhow, I had to go back for more, so today after school I got the mag with my all time favorite picture of him in it, and guess what? It's gone. Totally ripped out. What are the odds of that? Sheesh, it's just my luck. There are still some good pictures left in it, but my dad thinks all of sudden I'm addicted to it or something so he doesn't want me to take anymore. Parents.
Okay, well I'm off to play more Sims, wish me luck. The family I'm playing with has quite a lot of issues, and I haven't cheated yet!

The One With So Much Homework
September 15, 2004 | Wednesday | 6:16 PM | Nikki | 6:16 PM | Comments (1)

Firstly, I survived the trip to Ohio. Barely. Southeastern ohio is so hilly! I've never seen huge hills before considering I live in northern Indiana, so, these so called hills look like mountains to me. That was probably the best part of the whole 6 and a half hour drive to this place. I also got sea sick on this 12 mile road that was so hilly and slopey that I seriously thought I was going to lose it. I'm such a wimp.

Anyhow, I've had so much homework lately that I'm going insane. My whole plan for this year to be my easier, blow off year totally blew up in my face. I have to spend all of my aide time doing homework, and even though that teacher understands, I know she's getting aggravated about it. Oh, FYI: it's impossible to do a paper on the history of Greek psychology while Andy Roddick is two sets down. If my school didn't have a new bell system (20 extra minutes before first bell) I wouldn't have gotten it done. Anyhow, my grades are doing pretty good for the most part. I'm hurting in english though. But we only have 3 graded papers in there, so I'm not quite that worried.

On a geekier side, I installed the new version of Movable type. You can now have archive templates dynamically *hugs mt*! My only problem though is that my skins don't seem to work with it like that at the moment, so until I get that fixed, it's back to statically stored templates *hugs poor sever*. I also added a little calendar on the side, which surprisingly was harder then I though to configure.

Oh, one last thing. I think I'm going to give away my fanlistings. Maybe keep 2 or 3. So, if you see any you'd want, let me know.

The One Where I'm Off to Ohio
September 10, 2004 | Friday | 10:30 PM | Nikki | 10:30 PM | Comments (4)

This will be a long one, bear with me. Anyhow, tonight, well tomorrow actually, around 3 or so in the morning we'll be taking off to Nowhereville, Ohio. Actually, I can't remember the town name, but its in the middle of no where, and about 6 or so hours a way. Fun. It's a big family reunion thingy on my dad's side of the family, meaning I won't know a soul there. I guess it will be good to get to know them. I have to think positive about this right? The weather will be good... the tent is big...ohio is just as dull as Indiana...i have tons of homework and it will be nice to see my grandparents again. Whoops, I went a little off track there. Oh well, I probably will end up enjoying it anyhow.

Now for the embarrassing part of the entry. I'll cut right to it. I actually fell down the stairs at school a couple days ago. And I'm not talking about tripping over a step, I mean I actually fell backwards, on my back and clunking my head on the steps. And the best part of course is that the stairs were packed! Meaning some smarty screamed "Look out below!" and everyone just thought it was the funniest thing in the world. And the girl who I said was incapable of keeping a single thought in her head in the entry about my first day of school was the one person who helped me pick up my things and make sure I was okay. But anyway, thats not really even the worse part, because when I finally did get to adv computers, I actually thought I was going to pass out. The only other time I ever came close like that was when I went to the dentist and about fainted during the whole xray and braces fiasco. For those who have never experienced what it's been like to go through something like that, its impossible to explain. All I can say is that it was 10x worse then the dentist fainting and if my friend hadn't been there to calm me down I seriously would have hit the floor. That's something I won't forget soon. That almost tops my famous dandruff story haha (visit the May archives for my most scarring moment in life).

Okay, well I saved the worst/most boring for last. Maybe someone can see what's coming right? Andy Roddick lost yesterday at the Open. I was just totally gutted. In five sets too. It ended up being 46 46 63 62 46. Plus, if you look at the darn statistics of the match, he played so much of a cleaner game too. 22 errors to the other guys 47, and Andy won 152 points. The other guy won 128. He actually had 24 more points and still lost. Anyhow, I got so upset that I claimed I hated tennis and I wouldn't watch it anymore and everything. I will of course, but I'm still pretty bummed out. I still go up and down from being okay with it and liking tennis again, to hating it hehe. I just figured he'd have a five set match against Hewitt tomorrow (who of which will take away Andy's race ranking of number 2. Not the entry ranking though). Now Federer will win the stupid thing, and everyone at that horrible forum will just bow down and kiss his precious feet even more. I hope Henman beats him tomorrow.

The One With Andy Roddick's Autograph
September 4, 2004 | Saturday | 10:28 PM | Nikki | 10:28 PM | Comments (4)

So about two weeks ago ar.com had a quiz about Andy and then 3 of the first 20 people to get all the answers right would get a signed photo. Can you guess what's coming? I was one of the 3 picked. Coincidentally, I was also the first to get all the correct answers too which is pretty neat. So after a very long wait, or what seemed like one, it finally came today. I was so surprised at the quality of the photo. For some reason I was just expecting a little picture the size of an envelope. This actually came from UPS and is all nice and glossy. Plus the autograph is real, which makes it even better. Anyway, the picture looks somewhat like this, of him holding the 03 US Open trophy. It's the closest I could find. I would scan it, but my brother has the scanner (which isn't hooked up) and I'd have to pay him 20 to have it (which i won't).

One more thing, would the person who has e-mailed me about 5 times and flooded my ask me section please stop it already? I do not know Ross Gellers full name, nor do I care. Seesh.

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