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The One With Andy Roddick's Autograph
Saturday | September 4, 2004 | 10:28 PM | Nikki | Comments (4)

So about two weeks ago ar.com had a quiz about Andy and then 3 of the first 20 people to get all the answers right would get a signed photo. Can you guess what's coming? I was one of the 3 picked. Coincidentally, I was also the first to get all the correct answers too which is pretty neat. So after a very long wait, or what seemed like one, it finally came today. I was so surprised at the quality of the photo. For some reason I was just expecting a little picture the size of an envelope. This actually came from UPS and is all nice and glossy. Plus the autograph is real, which makes it even better. Anyway, the picture looks somewhat like this, of him holding the 03 US Open trophy. It's the closest I could find. I would scan it, but my brother has the scanner (which isn't hooked up) and I'd have to pay him 20 to have it (which i won't).

One more thing, would the person who has e-mailed me about 5 times and flooded my ask me section please stop it already? I do not know Ross Gellers full name, nor do I care. Seesh.


wow! Your so llucky!!! I have a friend.. that is really crazy about Andy Roddick, heheh!

September 7, 2004 1:43 AM


I am very very very very exteremly jealous!

my parents won't even let me go for the full membership thingy!

September 11, 2004 5:58 PM

Hey Gina who is your friend, we might get along haha.

Jenny, I'm not a full member there either, which is why I was so excited to get the photo! :) Oh, you've posted here once before haven't you? Because when I try to visit your site it never works...

September 12, 2004 6:23 PM

that might be because i'm i'm changing my site and my frinds is making me a layout sort of as a belated going a away gift i'll but she's really lazy so it hasn't been finished yet

September 18, 2004 10:32 AM
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