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The One With Tennis
June 30, 2004 | Wednesday | 11:42 PM | Nikki | 11:42 PM | Comments (2)

I'm really going to being blogging more often and start getting back into the habit. The bad thing about only blogging occasionally is that I end up rambling about 10 things in one post making no sense what so ever.
Anyway, I'm beginning to get obsessed with this years Wimbledon tournament. Last year, I watched a bit of the French and US Open, mostly catching Andy Roddicks matches, but this year I cannot stop watching the Wimbledon for nothing. I can only imagine what I'm going to be like in a few months when the U.S Open starts! There is actually a tournament in Indiana that Andy will be in, but I looked at the prices and its crazy, plus my dad or mom would never want to watch a tennis match even if they were paid. But my family has been pretty good with this whole thing. You know, making fun of Andy Roddick every chance they get, like calling him gay, saying the 18 aces (with his "gay" 146 mph serve by the way) he had were just luck, and that he got "pwned" the whole match. Anyhow, I probably won't be watching much tennis tomorrow, its only the ladies and doubles, and since my favorite female is out, I don't really have much interest in those matches. Don't expect to see me online Sunday though. If Andy makes it to the final match, I'll be in my own little world. =)

The One Where I Haven't Been Blogging
June 21, 2004 | Monday | 3:18 PM | Nikki | 3:18 PM |

So I haven't blogged in a while, but no one come here anyway. Actually, I haven't turned on my ftp in about 2 weeks. whew. Not much really has happened though. I finally broke down, used 2 years of savings, and bought a nice mp3 player with a hard drive. I decided on the Nomad Zen Xtra. It's safe to say that I'm very happy with it. I'm sooo glad I didn't get the iPod. To over priced and I've heard to much bad things. My dad actually asked if I've heard of a good thing about it. I did of course, but besides the price scaring me, the battery life did too. The iPod is more of a status symbol anyway, and in my town, people don't even know what an iPod is so I couldn't go showing it off anyway hehe. Well, thats about all thats happened to me durning my non blogging days. I really hope this isn't a case of "I'm getting bored of my site". Whatever the reason is, I promise to never go on hiatus =)
Oh, I just got a new google email account from an invite. Make sure to email me at nikkiwilson@gmail.com and be the first to e-mail me =)

The One Where I Saw Two Movies
June 6, 2004 | Sunday | 8:10 PM | Nikki | 8:10 PM | Comments (3)

Over the weekend I saw The Day After Tomorrow and Harry Potter. My mom picked me up to see The day after tomorrow yesterday and since I was hearing quite a lot of bad things about it I wasn't going in with all hopes. It was actually pretty good. I think a lot of the reviews I were reading were from adults and couldn't get past the somewhat political message it had. Anyhow, I of course had to see Harry Potter this weekend, so my dad took me and I just loved it. One thing I'll never, ever, understand is the huge fan base Snape and Draco have. I was just at a HP site and noticed girls going crazy over those guys. I can't stand them, especially when I read the books. Sometimes I just want to rip the pages out of the book when they're being cruel. Anyway, it was by far the best movie so far, and probably will be since I thought it was the best book. I am so going to download this movie hehe =) There were of course some things I didn't like about it, and I thought I would make a list of the few pros and cons I have on it.

Oh that reminds me, I added the ask and answer script, so go check it out. I also updated my desktop pic.

Okay, now just click the link if you want to see my favs. It contains spoilers, so you've been warned.

A few of the things that I really loved were:
- Harry's hair! I noticed this in the first and second movie. His hair was just fine, yet it stats in the book that it was messy no matter what they did to it. In this movie his hair is messy the whole time.
- The way the boys were having fun in their dormitory with the candy. Boys will be boys and its clearly shown there.
- The spider scene with Ron and his dream was hilarious.
- Almost all the scenes with Lupin. He was really great and just how I had imagined him.
- The special effects. Enough said.
- The lake scenes near the end of the movie. With the music it was prefect.

A few things I didn't like:
- No detail! I couldn't imagine trying to watch this movie without reading the book. It had noting about how close Black, Lupin, and James really were, or how much they hated Snape.
- The Shrieking Shack. This was my favorite part of the whole book but so disappointing in the movie. It was to rushed and again left out to much detail.
- The whole map part. Again with the detail, there was none
- The Ending. I didn't like the fireblot part at the end, nor the way it had a freeze frame type end.

I guess thats about all I can think of now. You have to give me credit on the length of this post though. If only someone would read it! =)

The One With Summer Gym
June 4, 2004 | Friday | 9:17 PM | Nikki | 9:17 PM |

Well I started summer p.e. Wednesday and lets just say I'm quite sore. I wasn't thrilled to start this anyway, I was partly talked into it, so when I got there I was already in a bad mood, but geez, it was worse then I thought it was going to be. We have to lift weights for an hour, thats by far the worst, then walk or jog for an hour, then play silly gym games for 2 hours. I guess I don't have it that bad, it's only till the 29th, but I'm still going to complain each and everyday about it. While I'm out running around with kick balls I could be laying right in my soft bed or sitting my big butt in front my computer drinking a diet coke complaining about hosting downtime and all that fun stuff. Yeah, I wish I was doing that for the next 3 weeks.

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