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The One Wtih Movabletype 3.0
May 28, 2004 | Friday | 11:48 PM | Nikki | 11:48 PM |

So tonight I bit the bullet and upgraded to the free version of MT. (I want to point out that I didn't run in to one single problem upgrading, where I've seen tons of people having the hardest time. That has to be a first) I figured since I only use 3 blogs and one author, I should do it. The only way you can get the new free version is if you have 3 blogs and one author. Well, the main platform looks a bit different, it's nice after looking at the old one for so long. Whats weird though, is the first thing I did was make another blog, just to see what would happen, yeah I'm stupid like that, and it let me with no problem. Hmm, I guess it doesn't matter how many you have? Maybe 5 is the limit. All I know, as neat as the new interface looks, and a few new features in this, it's defiantly not worth paying for this. I guess I can't judge it so fast, I haven't had time to really mess the thing up yet, but as of now, it's not worth it. MT 2.6 is still free, so I would just stick to that. I don't think I'll be switching anytime soon though. I've seen a lot of people moving on over to Wordpress and so on, but MT still gets the job done for me.

Oh! On another note, as of yesterday I'm offically on summer break! Woohoo. I'm not sure when I go back, but sometime in August. That's a lot of free time =)

The One With The Dandruff
May 26, 2004 | Wednesday | 7:32 PM | Nikki | 7:32 PM | Comments (8)

I'm scarred for life. I don't think I'll ever be able to mentally heal from the experience I had in math class today. Okay, so I'll try to make a long story short here, but it's still going to take a bit to get into. Lets just say this girl, Casey, has had a lot of bad rumors floating around about weird, disgusting, and almost unbelievable things that she does about and with her hair. I didn't believe a word of it because it was just to far fetched. Well. I was wrong. Completely.
She was sitting about 3 rows over, and my math teacher was just droning on and on (so about the whole class was sleeping), when I looked over and saw Casey scratching her head. Okay not that big of a deal, I know. But then she starts like fluffing her hair over her desk. Needless to say dandruff and dead skin fell onto it. This is where it gets good. Or in my case, horribly scarring. She then scooped up the falling dead skin into her palm,


Talk about never being able to sleep again. She did it again, and again, and even started scratching her head and using her fingers to really get in there. I didn't have the guts to say anything, my guts were squirming all over the place to be working up any nerves to confront her on it. This went on for 90 minutes (the whole darn class, no sarcasm, that class is 90 minutes long and she dug for gold the whole time), and I probably won't ever be able to get it out of my head. I'm scarred for life. Thank god I won't have to walk in that class ever again.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last day of school! I only have to come in first hour to take my Spanish final, and then I'm out for good. It's finally paying off to try a bit in school, I don't have to take 7 finals and I get to go home and a half day early. Defiantly worth it.

The One With Four New Skins
May 23, 2004 | Sunday | 7:07 PM | Nikki | 7:07 PM |

Well I spent all day trying to make this new layout in pure css. Well, I was so close to getting it just the way I wanted but I just couldn't get the right side to work. So, I broke down and used my trusty tables. It felt good to use them. A lot of this layout is still CSS, so I named it CSS Blue, and same with the other colors that I hurried and made (Orange, purple, and green), because I couldn't think of any other name. I actually like these layouts, they're pretty simple looking.

Anyway, another update about my bandwidth because I know you all are dying to know. About the 7th my sever changed, so my bandwidth restarted. It was at 4gig. I thought I wouldn't have to worry about bandwidth this month. Well, yesterday I was at 11500mb of bandwidth, and I only get 12000. Well to make a long story short, I asked someone at my hosting company when all the accounts where going to get the double bandwidth and space and he said 60/90 days but he did my account right then and there. So again, I don't have to worry about bandwidth this month. I love my host sometimes =)

The One Where My Teeth are Famous
May 16, 2004 | Sunday | 11:20 AM | Nikki | 11:20 AM | Comments (1)

Okay, so maybe my teeth aren't actually famous, but when I was looking at my referrers, I noticed most of the searches from good are questions about braces and spacers. I guess my complaining about my teeth is actually benefiting other people. So for anyone wondering how bad spacers and braces hurt, I won't lie to you, they kill. But it only lasts so long. Of course if your like me, you'll have to go in every two weeks to get a tooth tighten, and go through the pain all over again.
Anyway, I've kinda been neglecting my blog, not on purpose, but just the common excuse that I don't really have anything to blog about. I have a lot of free time to play around with my blog and collective though now that Friends is over and I don't have to update my site as often anymore. I joined the Quilting Bee thing, its pretty darn fun. I think I might add a little bit more content to this, but not many people visit anyway, so I usually blame it on that, when it's probably my laziness.

The One Where Friends is Over
May 10, 2004 | Monday | 6:19 PM | Nikki | 6:19 PM |

Friends is over. What will I do now?

The One Where Friends is Almost Over
May 5, 2004 | Wednesday | 7:15 PM | Nikki | 7:15 PM | Comments (2)

Well I thought I better blog today, because tomorrow I'm just going to be inconsolable. I almost dread it, like waiting longer will make me feel better or something. I remember early this year I told Becca that I wish I could watch all the episodes all at once, but she didn't want to and would rather wait, and now I totally understand. I popped the idea to my dad that I should be able to miss school tomorrow since it's going to be so traumatic and stuff, but I don't think it will fly. I won't be able to concentrate on any school work tomorrow. I wouldn't doubt that I start weeping before the show even starts. The night Matthew was on Jay Leno, he had a joke saying when Friends ends, some people will react like they're losing a real friend, and then he said so go watch a re-run. If he only knew.

The One Where My Host is Nice
May 1, 2004 | Saturday | 6:00 PM | Nikki | 6:00 PM | Comments (1)

For those who have been reading my blog for awhile (not many, I know) have seen me complain about my bandwidth and then the whole suspension thing. Well last night I was talking to the owner of my hosting company about my bandwidth problems and stuff and he asked for my domain, and upgraded my package to deluxe for free (I was on a silver plan). I about fell out of my seat. All he really wanted in return was for me to write a review about them at findmyhosting.com, which was actually the place I used to find them in the first place. So hopefully with 2gig more of bandwidth I should be okay, especially since Friends will be ending and I doubt as many people will be look for Friends things as much as they are now.

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