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The One Where I Can't Keep Up
November 26, 2003 | Wednesday | 4:11 PM | Nikki | 4:11 PM | Comments (4)

Well I sure did get in a habit of posting entries. I just don't have time to talk about myself when I could be working on other sites. Plus my computer locks up every 2 seconds, I can't do a thing on dreamweaver or adobe without losing anything, so i've been in a bad mood 'cause I'm sick of losing so much stuff. I have to bring it to my dads so he can save my life again. I think he'll put xp on for me, hes only wanted me to have it forever. I just don't like it to much. so even if i'm not blogging, i'm still alive, unless i die when i try to shoot my computer but the gun backfires instead. Lets hope that doesn't happen soon.

The One With No Time
November 16, 2003 | Sunday | 9:15 PM | Nikki | 9:15 PM | Comments (2)

I've been pretty busy latey. I think i'll be co-owning Shameless, a direcrtoy website, that should be fun, i still have to make 4 fanlistings to make, I'm coding layouts for people left and right at endless, and I'm redoing my friends site. I got over 400 people to it yesterday, that was so neat, and its time to change it a bit. I'll probably be using movable type, and allowing someone to help post news and stuff. I don't know if I can trust someone I don't know though. I don't have much time for it though, cuz i'm not on the computer as much, plus my computer has been so messed up it's hard to do anything on it. I think I'll disallow comments for a while since I probably won't be getting the word out about this as much, and I don't want only people from my friends site asking questions about that. I had to delete 2 cuz they were kinda rude ;-)

The One With The Braces
November 10, 2003 | Monday | 9:21 PM | Nikki | 9:21 PM | Comments (6)

So I got wires on my braces. I thought spacers hurt. I would gladly put spacers about each and every tooth then these wires. I didn't think my mouth could hurt so bad. I wonder if anyone has died from braces? I wonder if I'll be the first one? What even sadder and more pathetic, is that I don't even have braces on my bottom teeth! I just have the on the top. I really would die if I had them both on top and bottom.

The One With The Comments
November 8, 2003 | Saturday | 9:39 PM | Nikki | 9:39 PM |

So I've been trying to edit the comments page and things. I think I got all what I could do. I tryed adding this smilies hack to it, only to get half way through and see that its for one of the first version of mt. No wonder why I couldn't find what the guy was talking about. Since I'm all weird about Friends, I'd thought it would be kinda cool to have all the titles of the posts to be tow. I don't know, just trying to be different. I know Becca is the only person who has seen this, but I swear I only have a few more things to do before I put it up. I just have to find out how to use the module codes for the rest of my site, and not the mt pages itself. I know you can do it, I just have to figure out how, and so far no luck.

The One With The Fanlistings
November 6, 2003 | Thursday | 6:21 PM | Nikki | 6:21 PM | Comments (6)

I'm obsessed with fanlistings. I think the first step in dealing with your problems is admiting you have problems. Well no mattew how much I said I was obsessed with Friends, I still didn't get sick of it, and admiting that never helped anything. The same goes for fanlistings. I have 4 on upcoming right now, not counting the ones i've applyed for, and that I'm adopting. I'm even starting to get fanlistings outside of Friends, how scary is that? Oh well, I have scarier things to worry about, like getting the tops to my braces Monday, or the bio test next Monday too. Which just hit me, I'll be in the denist chair when everyone else is testing over lipids and crap. Whats even worse is that I don't know which of those is actually worse. Probably the braces...

The One Where It's Almost Done
November 5, 2003 | Wednesday | 8:19 PM | Nikki | 8:19 PM |

Well I have the layout up and ready, all I have to do is edit the actual pages, that aren't related to the blog. I also have to change that top image, because it doesn't look good. But I can do that tomorrow. I think this was the hardest layout i've ever done, not because of the layout it self, but because of the tags i had to put in to make it work. It was hard. Hopefully I can keep using this, because I guess I tend to forget about these things and never use them again. I don't think I'll forget about this though.

The One With The Layouts
November 4, 2003 | Tuesday | 9:37 PM | Nikki | 9:37 PM |

Well, I'm trying to get some layouts working. I'm testing it all on another blog, one of the many feathurs that I love on MT, so that I don't mess up the default template. Its actually going pretty good, I just need a a good image (Mattew Perry of course) and it will be pretty much done. It still has a few bugs, and I'm missing some template tags, but it will be done soon.

Anyway, I got the tops to my braces yesterday, so for anyone who has braces, you know the pain I'm in right now. I go back again next monday to get my retainer, and I won't get my bottoms for like another few months. It's something to look forward too ;-)

The One With The First Entry
November 3, 2003 | Monday | 8:56 PM | Nikki | 8:56 PM | Comments (6)

Okay, this is my first post, I wonder how long I can keep this one up? I installed moveabletype, so it will be a little bit more organized. I still have to make a template for this, so for now it will look pretty ugly. Only by time anyone sees this, besides Becca :-), it should look a tad bit better. So actually, I'm really talking to myself. Since I just admited that, I will probably re-edit this when I put it up, so people don't think I'm anymore crazy then I already am. I should really stop now, but the longer then entry, the better it might look, I don't know. I think I really am insane ;-)

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