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Sunday | November 16, 2003 | 9:15 PM | Nikki | Comments (2)

I've been pretty busy latey. I think i'll be co-owning Shameless, a direcrtoy website, that should be fun, i still have to make 4 fanlistings to make, I'm coding layouts for people left and right at endless, and I'm redoing my friends site. I got over 400 people to it yesterday, that was so neat, and its time to change it a bit. I'll probably be using movable type, and allowing someone to help post news and stuff. I don't know if I can trust someone I don't know though. I don't have much time for it though, cuz i'm not on the computer as much, plus my computer has been so messed up it's hard to do anything on it. I think I'll disallow comments for a while since I probably won't be getting the word out about this as much, and I don't want only people from my friends site asking questions about that. I had to delete 2 cuz they were kinda rude ;-)


oohhh can i help?! u know me!!

November 17, 2003 6:19 PM

This blog is pretty interesting, will add a bookmark, thanks.

August 12, 2004 2:05 AM
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