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The One Where School Started
Thursday | August 19, 2004 | 5:57 PM | Nikki |

Well school started yesterday, and today was my first full day since yesterday we did all 8 classes yesterday. I don't see how some schools can do that many classes a day. There isn't any time! But that sure is easier then the 90 minute classes my school does. Anyhow, I have pretty easy classes for the most part. In my world history class I sit behind a girl who is incapible of keeping her thoughts to herself. Seriously, she says everything under her breath, so only like I can hear. Pretty annoying, but shes a nice girl, I think. I do like my new life science teacher though. She's new this year but shes the type of teacher that wants to make the class fun. And then my us history teacher, who I swear is totally democratic, has a bulletin board full of newspaper clippings, and to me they're all bashing Bush articles. Hopefully thats just me thinking that, because I don't think thats quite fair for a teacher to do. Oh, and what started out to be my all time favorite class for like a minute was just shot down. My advanced computer class will be using dreamweaver and html and a whole bunch of web related things like flash and java. When she said that I might have been the happiest person in that school because I know dreamweaver like a bible. Only the longer she kept talking about what we were going to do, the lower my expectations for the class got. We'll be role playing. Like we'll all have jobs, get paid, and if we miss school or something, we don't get paid or something. I don't know, I couldn't follow well. But then she laid the bomb saying we couldn't wear shirts with logos because "We'll be in a working environment". Again I don't think this is fair since shirts with designs and logos are prefectly fine according to that darn handbook that we're suppose to follow. I have no shirts that are plain. None. I'm going to fail a class I'll have so much fun in. Seesh.

Alrighty then, what would my blog be without a little rant about tennis/olympics/bandwidth (which isn't a problem anymore now that Friends is over and less people visit the site. Luckily now only about 1000 visit daily to it, and thats about 12gb a month. Better then the whole 25gb in "mayhem" May!) problems? Lets start with tennis. As many of you may know by now, poor Andy Roddick lost the other day in the Olympics. I came home after school, turned on the computer and about passed out. I honestly didn't think he'd have much of a problem in this match. Let alone losing in straight sets! That means I won't ever get to see Andy in the olympics since I don't have bravo, and its finally coming on the usa channle tomorrow. Well, in four years he might try again, but he'll be like 25 or 26 and he may have already hit his peak. Don't worry though, the US Open starts next week and I'll finally get to see him play. The last time was in Cincy, so thats about 2 or 3 weeks hehe.
Last nights gymnastics mens all around was incredible! When Paul Hamm fell off thatt vault I so thought it was over, and maybe the best he could do was 3rd place, but to come back and win it like that was awesome.
Well, I think thats long enough for now =)

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