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The One With My Last Day of Freedom
Monday | August 16, 2004 | 11:39 PM | Nikki |

I start school on Wednesday =( So this is my last night of staying up late, and then tomorrow I'm going to be so nervous and upset it won't feel like summer break, so I'm considering this my last day. My friend Sidney called today and totally shocked me. She's so shy I didn't think it was possible for her to pick up the phone! So that made me really happy. She's been watching the Olympics too, although she admitted to cheering for the Chinese a bit more then the US (she's from China, which is why she's really shy because she has some English problems). Talking about the Olympics, my whole family was out watching the mens gymnastics tonight. It's rare to get everyone out there, let alone watching something that I actually enjoy, because I don't think its possible to hate tennis or Friends anymore then they do. It's still horrible that I have to watch the Olympics without watching tennis. Stupid Bravo. I missed the "cool and collective" Federer lose it out on the court, and I'd pay to see that. Now all the old fogies that call Andy Roddick the 20 year old McEnroe can shut up for the time being. Well okay, Andy may have smashed 39 rackets last year, but still, this is Roger Federer we're talking about here.

Oh, I've also updated the colors and things on the main page of livesinabox.com. I was going to do summer colors, but it just looked so tacky. And I was trying to blend the pictures in a different way, but of course I couldn't. So I ended up with darkish blue colors.

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