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The One Where My Teeth Are On Fire
Friday | April 9, 2004 | 8:58 PM | Nikki |

I had to go to the dentist today to get my wires changed and stuff for my braces. They added some new gadgets and lets just say I'm in pain. It's almost like my teeth itch, and it actually feels better if I squeeze them together and make it more painful, because its better then that irritating, itchy, feeling. I seriously do not think braces are worth it. I have to go through all this pain and all this embarrassing metal (I swear some day I'll be picking up radio signals) in my mouth when some rich celebrity can just go in and ask for a new pair of teeth. Oh the benefits of being rich =) Anyway, I plan on cleaning up this blog a bit. I worked on the comments, I'm hoping with the comment module being inline it can stop some of the spamming, and I also hope to update all the content and use better php includes. Hey, if I'm in a really good mood I'll start skining the site, that way instead of getting a new layout every 6 months because of my laziness, you can just have a few to choose from. Don't really expect that soon though...I'm not the greatest at thinking of layout ideas, especially since I still have to fix about the 23.6 million bugs in my fanlisting collective layout.

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