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The One Where I'm Running Out of Bandwidth
Wednesday | April 14, 2004 | 7:24 PM | Nikki |

Okay, last January and February my bandwidth was really close to the limit. About 7 or 8gig (7 or 8000mb for you geniuses), and I thought that was cutting it close because I only get 10g. Well this month, I'm already at 5g of bandwidth and there is still 15 more days of this friggin month. Yesterday 341mb of bandwidth was used, and today 393mb has been used. At this rate I'll be cut of next week. I can only have 300mb a day for about 30 days, that will equal somewhere about 9000mb. Of course I've been over 300 I think like 7 times already. The times I was under 300 where still very close. The only thing I can think of to stop some of the traffic would be to close my fanlistings for a bit, but it's my Friends site thats sucking up all the juice, and I can't pull the plug on that. Oh well, maybe I'm just putting to much thought into this. My domain expires the 26th, so I have to repay for that, and I just don't want to pay more money on this sill site.
Oh another thing, yesterday was my 16th birthday =)

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