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The One Where I Hate Research
Wednesday | March 17, 2004 | 4:40 PM | Nikki | Comments (1)

In English we have to do this research paper on someone who has been in the news lately. Well, after a lot of arguing and debating, I got Jim Carrey. I was actually looking forward to the project and stuff because I though it would be easy. Well it turns out we have to have so many little things and all these rules, and I have yet to even write the thing. We've been researching for awhile, that was fine, theres tons on Jim and even books. Then we had to start the note cards, and we have to have more then 30 just filled with stupid tidbits. Plus 6 different sources, and you can only use a certain type once, like a book is one and the internet. I have five, and I can't think of another source. I shouldn't complain though, it doesn't have to be that long, and the 12th graders are doing it over something I've never even heard of, so at least I have an interesting topic.
On a happier note, the house is almost done! Meaning we'll be moving out again and back into that house. Last night we started putting stuff back in, but it was just so weird to see all the rooms empty, especially on how dirty they were. This time I really hope that I never get my room that messy again. I know my dad won't let me anyway.


Bec, I deleted your comment because your mean! haha just kidding. I accidently deleted yours instead of the wacko's rude comment, sorry. I did get his though, so at least one good thing came out of it. I was just clearing out so many so fast I noticed yours was gone. But I did get to read it, so thanks for that =)

March 25, 2004 9:27 PM
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