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The One With The Poetry Project
April 12, 2005 | Tuesday | 10:36 PM | Nikki | 10:36 PM | Comments (6)

I think my blog problems are about over now. On Sunday, because of a huge bug with MT-Blacklist, while trying to delete an old test blog, it managed to delete all of my blogs. Thankfully I have a good host who performs backups each night, so after a quick msyql database restore, I was back in business. Anyhow, so today in english we had to do this group poetry project. All I had to do was read 2 biographies on Edgar Masters and Edwin Robinson. I'm a pretty good reader, yet I have this tiny problem... I cannot read out loud in front of people. So basically I sounded like a stuttering 2nd grader who took 5 min to read one freaking paper (double spaced too, by the way.). It was awful. I survived though, I didn't almost faint like the last time I had to get in front of the class, so I suppose that's a positive. The in my computer class we got our "evaluations" back. I'm paraphrasing here, but it basically read "you only got 170/200 because you're anti-social and you have a low self confidence". My teacher did say my social skills improved though, so again, I guess that's a positive. I guess it helps having Tasha and Deven sit next to me. Tasha, who i've known sense the six grade and the other boy who've I've sat next to the entire year. Then in US History my teacher had certain kids read out loud. I read the paper ahead of time and was just praying he wouldn't pick me for the last paragraph because it had words and names I couldn't pronounce in my head, let alone out loud. Then I heard the wonderful words, "Nicole, go ahead and read the last paragraph". Excellent. More stuttering. More embarrassment. By the time I got home not even my trusty diet coke could keep me awake so I conked out for about an hour and a half. I'm such a baby

Anyhow, enough teenage angst... guess what tomorrow is? My birthday. woohoo. I think my cursed 13th birthday, which was on Friday the 13th(on a Good Friday too), has finally lifted haha. Last year was pretty darn good, so hopefully this one will be even better.

The One Where I'm Neglectful
April 4, 2005 | Monday | 9:42 PM | Nikki | 9:42 PM |

My poor blog. Actually, my poor site. Good thing this isn't a child... I'd be in jail ha. I just have a case of "i'm bored with my site" going on. My domain expires this month, but I'm planning on renewing it, so no worries. I just need something new to work on, that's all. Anyhow, I really want to get back into a rhythm of updating again, well, at least this part anyhow. I did just update my desktop picture though. Some of my games are gone still though, because I (and when i say "I", I mean my dad) had to reformat my crappy adware/spyware infected computer. I've also been working on an extremely boring layout, but it's almost all in css and no images, so it loads fast for you all still in the stone age (aka dialup).

Anyhow, guess who isn't going to the Indy tennis tourney this summer? The two time defending champ. the same guy who has yet to lose a match there... the guy who i was planning on seeing this summer. Do i even have to say his name? Seriously, there was tons of speculation that Andy wouldn't be going after he committed to LA.... I guess I must have been in deniale, because I still just assumed he would defend his freaking title here(instead of going to LA which not only has a slightly stronger field, but less points anyhow! but really, who cares about those, right? i mean, Andy didn't just lose 500 points last week or anything). So that will basicaly ruin my summer. It's not looking good that my other favorites are going to Indy either. I'm pretty sure Agassi isn't, I don't know about Fish, Henman and Safin haven't been there in years... even Haas isn't going this year. Driving three hours to watch Kiefer whine isn't exactly what I had in mind just 2 weeks ago. Though, hearing him whine about how Andy beat yet again for the millionth time in a row wouldn't have been tolerable. Anyone have 2, free plane tickets to either Los Angeles or Washington DC? Or even London for that matter... I'm not picky ;-)

p.s. i gotta brag on myself and stat publicly that I made honor roll again (I don't think i've ever worked so hard to bring that darn english grade up. or any grade for that matter. Yes, English my first and only language). I've officially been living with my dad for over a year now and i've managed to get it every time but once (84 is a C+ in my freaky school), and I still ended up getting semester honor roll with it, so it's all good :) I'm proud of myself considering last year was the first time I ever made it since the 3rd grade!

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