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The One Where I'm Not so Original
Saturday | March 6, 2004 | 2:13 PM | Nikki |

I finally added the currently things and the quotes I've wanted to have on here. I still want to add a few more things and clean some more things up, but I just don't know what to do right now. Oh yeah, when I decided that I was going to title all my entries "The One With" or "The One Where" like in Friends, I thought I was the only one doing that and that I was so original. That just blew up in my face when I saw another site doing that. First I thought maybe she stole my idea, but it turns out she had been doing that for more then a year. So yeah, I have nothing else to brag on now. I'm not going to stop doing it of course, but it defiantly doesn't make it so neat anymore. Oh well, at least I'm actually using this thing now huh? I'm thinking of moving the location of it anyway though. To life.livesinabox.com or something. I just can't decide yet.

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