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The One Where I Touched a Tiger
August 29, 2004 | Sunday | 2:21 PM | Nikki | 2:21 PM | Comments (7)

A bit late, but last weekend, I actually got to pet a baby tiger! There is this small tiger exhibit place about an hour away and my mom took me. Playing with the tiger wasn't even the best part. Near the end of the little tour, there was a huge lion, and when we were about 4 feet away from hit, he growled and it was so incredible. That even scared the guard. You could feel it. I can't explain it, but that was the neatest part of the whole thing.

Well, school is just horrible this year. I took easy classes and I end up getting more homework then I've ever had combined. And I don't have many classes with my friends.

What else? Oh, of course. The Olympics are pretty much over, so that only mean the Open starts tomorrow! Go Andy! =) My poor family doesn't know what's going to hit them. Well, my older brother at least. I'll probably end up watching it all in my room anyway, but at least I have the channels it's going to air on. Stupid Bravo, I still hate that channel.

Oh one more thing. Last night I tried to do a little merge with phpfanbase, and to say the least, I'm having nothing but problems. First it was the phrase errors which were totally my fault, but now its doing the craziest things. Its saying I only have 3 total members and I have no idea how it's getting that number lol. Anyway, I know this is possible to get, so if anyone could lend me a little help, let me know. Right now I'm trying to get it to display the pending members after you login. Hey, if I get it working, I could put it up for you guys to download, since I know a lot you guys here are from a fanlisting of mine anyway.

The One With The New Layout
August 21, 2004 | Saturday | 11:06 PM | Nikki | 11:06 PM | Comments (1)

Well I finally added another layout. It's an Andy Roddick layout. Who saw that one coming? I didn't make it the default layout though, because I still think the css ones are the best. Even though they're only half coded in css hehe. Anyway, the new layout replaced the Friends one I had. I didn't do this because I don't like Friends anymore or anything, but because that layout just didn't work, and the colors were awful. I may fix it some day, but for the time being, Andy will be layout number 2. Go check it out here. I had so much problems with this layout, and it's not even that difficult. But thats me, making everything harder then it is. I was going to use a picture of Andy from the Olympics, but there wasn't any big enough that I could find, so I settled with this one. It's from the Australia open, but I couldn't think of another outfit of his where he wore red, white and blue.
Well that's about it. Good luck to Mardy Fish tomorrow in the final, and thanks for winning against the guy who beat Andy Roddick =)

The One Where School Started
August 19, 2004 | Thursday | 5:57 PM | Nikki | 5:57 PM |

Well school started yesterday, and today was my first full day since yesterday we did all 8 classes yesterday. I don't see how some schools can do that many classes a day. There isn't any time! But that sure is easier then the 90 minute classes my school does. Anyhow, I have pretty easy classes for the most part. In my world history class I sit behind a girl who is incapible of keeping her thoughts to herself. Seriously, she says everything under her breath, so only like I can hear. Pretty annoying, but shes a nice girl, I think. I do like my new life science teacher though. She's new this year but shes the type of teacher that wants to make the class fun. And then my us history teacher, who I swear is totally democratic, has a bulletin board full of newspaper clippings, and to me they're all bashing Bush articles. Hopefully thats just me thinking that, because I don't think thats quite fair for a teacher to do. Oh, and what started out to be my all time favorite class for like a minute was just shot down. My advanced computer class will be using dreamweaver and html and a whole bunch of web related things like flash and java. When she said that I might have been the happiest person in that school because I know dreamweaver like a bible. Only the longer she kept talking about what we were going to do, the lower my expectations for the class got. We'll be role playing. Like we'll all have jobs, get paid, and if we miss school or something, we don't get paid or something. I don't know, I couldn't follow well. But then she laid the bomb saying we couldn't wear shirts with logos because "We'll be in a working environment". Again I don't think this is fair since shirts with designs and logos are prefectly fine according to that darn handbook that we're suppose to follow. I have no shirts that are plain. None. I'm going to fail a class I'll have so much fun in. Seesh.

Alrighty then, what would my blog be without a little rant about tennis/olympics/bandwidth (which isn't a problem anymore now that Friends is over and less people visit the site. Luckily now only about 1000 visit daily to it, and thats about 12gb a month. Better then the whole 25gb in "mayhem" May!) problems? Lets start with tennis. As many of you may know by now, poor Andy Roddick lost the other day in the Olympics. I came home after school, turned on the computer and about passed out. I honestly didn't think he'd have much of a problem in this match. Let alone losing in straight sets! That means I won't ever get to see Andy in the olympics since I don't have bravo, and its finally coming on the usa channle tomorrow. Well, in four years he might try again, but he'll be like 25 or 26 and he may have already hit his peak. Don't worry though, the US Open starts next week and I'll finally get to see him play. The last time was in Cincy, so thats about 2 or 3 weeks hehe.
Last nights gymnastics mens all around was incredible! When Paul Hamm fell off thatt vault I so thought it was over, and maybe the best he could do was 3rd place, but to come back and win it like that was awesome.
Well, I think thats long enough for now =)

The One With My Last Day of Freedom
August 16, 2004 | Monday | 11:39 PM | Nikki | 11:39 PM |

I start school on Wednesday =( So this is my last night of staying up late, and then tomorrow I'm going to be so nervous and upset it won't feel like summer break, so I'm considering this my last day. My friend Sidney called today and totally shocked me. She's so shy I didn't think it was possible for her to pick up the phone! So that made me really happy. She's been watching the Olympics too, although she admitted to cheering for the Chinese a bit more then the US (she's from China, which is why she's really shy because she has some English problems). Talking about the Olympics, my whole family was out watching the mens gymnastics tonight. It's rare to get everyone out there, let alone watching something that I actually enjoy, because I don't think its possible to hate tennis or Friends anymore then they do. It's still horrible that I have to watch the Olympics without watching tennis. Stupid Bravo. I missed the "cool and collective" Federer lose it out on the court, and I'd pay to see that. Now all the old fogies that call Andy Roddick the 20 year old McEnroe can shut up for the time being. Well okay, Andy may have smashed 39 rackets last year, but still, this is Roger Federer we're talking about here.

Oh, I've also updated the colors and things on the main page of livesinabox.com. I was going to do summer colors, but it just looked so tacky. And I was trying to blend the pictures in a different way, but of course I couldn't. So I ended up with darkish blue colors.

The One With The Two Year Anniversary
August 12, 2004 | Thursday | 10:47 PM | Nikki | 10:47 PM |

Crazy for Friends is officially two years old. Yup, on August 11th 2002 I first started the site. It seems like 3 years then just two. I would upload the index for you all to giggle at, but I'm just to embarrassed. Actually, the layout isn't that much different, but its my grammar and spelling that so sad. I'm surprised I still have it though. Maybe that's why "My Documents Folder" is 1.6gb? Anyway, here is a before and after picture to see the small difference (and how lazy I really am)

2 Years Ago


I actually have six different kinds of that first layout, but that was the first one. Just think about it, a year and a half ago I was having all sorts of bandwidth problems at brinkster (15mb limit a day). Just a few months ago I was having problems with my own bandwidth (12gb a month).
Sadly though, my Friends obsession has ended. I no longer go through horrible withdrawals during the summer or long breaks without new episodes, and I don't watch 4 or 5 episodes a day. It was quite fun while it lasted though.

Anyway, I've been checking my disk space and noticed that every time I look at it, its smaller. I have a 800mb limit. Somehow, I only have 300mb left. What's taking all this space? My e-mail. Every email that is mailed to @livesinabox.com goes to my main account (like an email to asfasd@livesinabox.com), that why I get it if someone miss types an address. Well I took a peak at that account and about fell out of my seat. In this account I have 18,174 e-mails in 904 pages totaling over 155mb. How in the world am I supposed to delete this? If I set up a pop account it would drain the server and my bandwidth. So I thought I'd set up an imap connection and delete it off the server without uploading to my computer, right? Wrong. More then 130mb of that is in a spam folder, which I can't get to. Only in the web based email, and there isn't any way in heck I'd ever go through 900 pages of email. Thats just in that one account, I'm to scared to look in the nikki@livesinabox.com spam folder. Not counting I literally get about 10 virus emails a day. I can't imagine what the spam box is filtering. Seesh!

Okay, enough about that. I finally got my bottom braces! Joy to the world! I now officially have more metal in my mouth then anyone else in the world. I still think the bite plate is worse then the braces, just because that thing is always in my way, and the braces I can get used to. You have no idea how awkward it is to eat without the roof of your mouth. Oh, and all the thanks to my dad, who kindly reminded the dentist that I should be going every other week to make more progress on a tooth of mine. I was off scotch free for over a month.

Well, I guess thats about all the catching up I need to do. This is the longest post in history. See what happens when I blog once a month? Oh besides the fact that I'm totally getting ripped off during the Olympics. Tennis will be on the Bravo channel. I have NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and USA. The one friggin' NBC channel I don't have is the channel the sport I want to really watch is on. Oh well, I'll get to watch the last two days, so it's not like I'm leaving with anything.
Okay, wish me luck on my poor e-mail problem, because I have no idea how to handle it.

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