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The One Where I Actually Updated This
July 29, 2004 | Thursday | 6:03 PM | Nikki | 6:03 PM | Comments (5)

Twenty days since my last post isn't quite that bad is it? Better then two and half months, which is my current record. Nothing much has been happening that's even worth wasting your time for. I've been watching a lot of tennis. That's about it. Oh, and weird obsession with Andy Roddick is starting to kick in (speaking of which, he has another match tonight. Quite soon actually. What the heck am I doing sitting in front of a computer? I need to be sitting on the couch). I'm so pathetic. Anyway, I still have to update my quilt, and about every other page on this blog thats so out of date. I read the about me page and it still says I'm 15, which could be even more pathetic then getting obsessed with a tennis player.
Well, I guess I'll see you in about 20 days?

The One Where I'm Bored
July 9, 2004 | Friday | 11:13 AM | Nikki | 11:13 AM |

I'm bored of blogging. Actually, I'm bored of the whole computer. I haven't really been on much. Well, as in comparison to how much I was before. I think that I just have been in my own little room for two years and now I'm finally starting to do other things. Okay..thats a lot of crap. I've just been sitting in my chair listening to music more, but that explanation sounded a lot better.
Anyway, Andy Roddick lost on Sunday so I was really bummed out the whole day, but I did get to go see Spider-Man 2, and its great! So much better then the first, so even if you liked the first only a little bit, you'll like this one.
Oh, another thing I've been doing besides nothing is that I've been playing tennis a lot more. My dad has taken me to the courts to play and I have a blast. Now, I'm not one to brag on myself a lot, but I have to say, I'm sooo good at it. I think by next year I'll be a pro, maybe I'll go to Wimbledon myself. Yeah, I'm guessing by the end of the summer, I'll be able to hit half of my balls over the net! Hows that for professional? Oh well, I still have fun.

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