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The One With No Title
April 30, 2004 | Friday | 8:13 PM | Nikki | 8:13 PM |

My Friends site is doing really good. It's gotten more hits in the past week then in the past three. I think it's because of the end of Friends is coming up, but still I'm loving it. My bandwidth sure isn't though. I've used 9643 right now, and that was what it was at this morning. Yesterday since my site used almost 600mb it might actually get suspended again. Oh well, if it is it will only be for a few hours. Luckily there's only 30 days this month. Well I think thats going to be about it. Pretty short entry in comparison to my other posts, but I don't want to drain anymore of my already precious bandwidth =)

The One Where My Site Was Suspended
April 24, 2004 | Saturday | 3:25 PM | Nikki | 3:25 PM | Comments (6)

My site was down for more then 17 hours last night and today because of some stupid DoS attack on the sever I'm on. Then they actually suspended my account. Did they really think a 16 year old girl was capable of targeting one of their severs and giving them one of the biggest dos's they've ever had? I bugged them about it for awhile and someone told me to have a little patience but after 17 friggin' hours it was gone. Well, when they finally got back to my e-mails it turned out my site was one of the sites that were involed and targeted toward the attack. Great, totally my luck. If you look on the bright side of things though, thats 17 hours of bandwidth I no longer have to worry about, 17 hours of e-mail I don't have to read, and 17 hours of fans I don't have to add to my fanlistings. After all that they should've given me a few extra gig of bandwidth for the hassle though. ;-)

The One With The Skins
April 18, 2004 | Sunday | 8:53 PM | Nikki | 8:53 PM |

Well, my blog is officially skinned. I actually got it running a few days ago, I just hadn't had a chance to post about it for a while, and I've noticed a few people already using the second one. This night I just added another one, but the colors are hideous and its very buggy. I only recommend you using it if you really do like those colors. I'll try to fix it up some more tomorrow, but I used a lot more little graphics for it rather then css, and thats where the problems started. By time I got half way done tweaking it up, it was more then half css coded anyway. I did add a little contact section on the side, so you can see if I'm online or not, and a weather thing which I don't like at all. It only updates every hour, plus it sticks out. Thats about it, have fun messing with the silly skins, if you run into problems, which I know you will, please let me know about it.

The One Where I'm Running Out of Bandwidth
April 14, 2004 | Wednesday | 7:24 PM | Nikki | 7:24 PM |

Okay, last January and February my bandwidth was really close to the limit. About 7 or 8gig (7 or 8000mb for you geniuses), and I thought that was cutting it close because I only get 10g. Well this month, I'm already at 5g of bandwidth and there is still 15 more days of this friggin month. Yesterday 341mb of bandwidth was used, and today 393mb has been used. At this rate I'll be cut of next week. I can only have 300mb a day for about 30 days, that will equal somewhere about 9000mb. Of course I've been over 300 I think like 7 times already. The times I was under 300 where still very close. The only thing I can think of to stop some of the traffic would be to close my fanlistings for a bit, but it's my Friends site thats sucking up all the juice, and I can't pull the plug on that. Oh well, maybe I'm just putting to much thought into this. My domain expires the 26th, so I have to repay for that, and I just don't want to pay more money on this sill site.
Oh another thing, yesterday was my 16th birthday =)

The One Where My Teeth Are On Fire
April 9, 2004 | Friday | 8:58 PM | Nikki | 8:58 PM |

I had to go to the dentist today to get my wires changed and stuff for my braces. They added some new gadgets and lets just say I'm in pain. It's almost like my teeth itch, and it actually feels better if I squeeze them together and make it more painful, because its better then that irritating, itchy, feeling. I seriously do not think braces are worth it. I have to go through all this pain and all this embarrassing metal (I swear some day I'll be picking up radio signals) in my mouth when some rich celebrity can just go in and ask for a new pair of teeth. Oh the benefits of being rich =) Anyway, I plan on cleaning up this blog a bit. I worked on the comments, I'm hoping with the comment module being inline it can stop some of the spamming, and I also hope to update all the content and use better php includes. Hey, if I'm in a really good mood I'll start skining the site, that way instead of getting a new layout every 6 months because of my laziness, you can just have a few to choose from. Don't really expect that soon though...I'm not the greatest at thinking of layout ideas, especially since I still have to fix about the 23.6 million bugs in my fanlisting collective layout.

The One With Easter Break
April 8, 2004 | Thursday | 3:52 PM | Nikki | 3:52 PM |

Hey it's been a while since I blogged. And you guys thought I was going to pick up on my old habit of never posting. Pfft. I just really haven't anything worthy of posting, not that these silly posts mean anything either, but whatever. Anyway, today was a half day, and since tomorrow is good Friday, we get the whole day off. Yup, thats why April is just simply the best month of the year. Oh did I mention my birthday is the 13th? Maybe thats why it's the best month then. =)
You know, I'm really starting to go through Friends withdrawal. There hasn't been a new episode in so long, and just knowing that they're all filmed is enough to drive me crazy. Anyway, I finished reading Mystic River. It was really good. A lot better then I thought it was going to be anyway. Now I have to watch the movie. I heard it follows the book pretty well. Oh and before I stop rambling about nothing, you have to check out thespark.com and read the science stories. They had me laughing so hard. I linked it over on the side. They're really funny, and I'm sure you'll laugh and maybe even vomit a few times before your done reading them. Stinkymeat is where it gets gross, but the guy it really funny explaining everything.

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