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The One With No More Braces
Saturday | March 25, 2006 | 7:54 PM | Nikki |

I finally got my braces off two weeks ago on the 13th. 28 months I had those torture devices on. I was kinda worried it would hurt when they took them off, but luckily only a few sensitive teeth hurt a little. I had a week of freedom before I had to go back in to get a retainer. it's a lot better then the bite plate I had to wear, but it still sucks. Other then that, not too much as happened to me. The other day i felt pretty sick for a while, stomach ache and all that, so I was chugging the pepto bismol to keep everything down but the crap tastes so bad i nearly gaged it out every time I took a spoon. I just love the lingering effect it has too... you know, where the chalky, pick, residue clings to every taste bud until the bad taste eventually scorches your tongue to the point where you can't even taste anything anymore. I don't know what's worse, pepto, or my dad's extra sharp cheese he loves so much that smells (and tastes) like rotten feet. My stomach is still a little bubbly, but at least I don't have to drink the poison anymore.

I really need some motivation to update this darn thing. In the past year i think i've only blogged about 6 times. I just don't have much to say, especially since I'm out of school now. Lets see though, since I last posted about the great luck all my sports teams and players were doing, Notre Dame got hammered in their bowl game, the colts lost in the playoffs, and the only thing Andy Roddick has been consistent at this year is losing to guys outside the top 50. Now, I don't intend to bail on Andy anytime soon. I've invested way too much into this brat to just jump ship when things start to get bumpy, but my gosh is it frustrating watching this kid anymore. One day he plays great and the next he's just totally out of it. I think i'm just as baffled by all of it as he is. I'm thrilled about Blake though, making the top ten. Three Americans up there now, that's pretty neat.

All right, I guess that's about all i have to say about the several months since I've last posted. I guess I have been able to see my mom more though now, which is a good thing since we used to see so little of each other over the past year or two. i'm not totally thrilled with the guy she married, so it's hard to go over to her house sometimes, but we have managed to see each other almost every week or two now and we get along really well. Oh, and I did buy a DVD burner last weekend, and I've started to burn dvds now. I guess now is as good as ever to admit that finally, after two years of Friends being over, I finally have a new tv show to obsess about. I've been watching Smallville... yeah, Smallville, for a month or two and I can't stop. I've managed to see them ALL now. and by all i mean over 100 episodes. Boy do i need a life.

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