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The One Where I Touched a Tiger
Sunday | August 29, 2004 | 2:21 PM | Nikki | Comments (7)

A bit late, but last weekend, I actually got to pet a baby tiger! There is this small tiger exhibit place about an hour away and my mom took me. Playing with the tiger wasn't even the best part. Near the end of the little tour, there was a huge lion, and when we were about 4 feet away from hit, he growled and it was so incredible. That even scared the guard. You could feel it. I can't explain it, but that was the neatest part of the whole thing.

Well, school is just horrible this year. I took easy classes and I end up getting more homework then I've ever had combined. And I don't have many classes with my friends.

What else? Oh, of course. The Olympics are pretty much over, so that only mean the Open starts tomorrow! Go Andy! =) My poor family doesn't know what's going to hit them. Well, my older brother at least. I'll probably end up watching it all in my room anyway, but at least I have the channels it's going to air on. Stupid Bravo, I still hate that channel.

Oh one more thing. Last night I tried to do a little merge with phpfanbase, and to say the least, I'm having nothing but problems. First it was the phrase errors which were totally my fault, but now its doing the craziest things. Its saying I only have 3 total members and I have no idea how it's getting that number lol. Anyway, I know this is possible to get, so if anyone could lend me a little help, let me know. Right now I'm trying to get it to display the pending members after you login. Hey, if I get it working, I could put it up for you guys to download, since I know a lot you guys here are from a fanlisting of mine anyway.


Aww, I would've gotten so scared of the lion! I get frightened when my cat moves to bite me. I'm a little whimy, but it's okay. ;P

Hmm, sometimes, the easier the classes are, the more work you get b/c teachers figure they get the slackers and they give you busy work. I know I have more busy work than my AP class friends. :(

Wish I could help you with the script, but I barely have an understanding of what you're trying to do. Sorry!

Good luck with school and everything. I'll ttys!

August 29, 2004 4:58 PM

Err tiger, oops.

August 29, 2004 4:58 PM

Well the tiger didn't scare me bad because it was a baby, I forgot to say that though didn't I? lol, but the lion that growled at me was huge and that scared the crap out of me =)

August 29, 2004 7:13 PM

OH! ok, no then I was talking about the lion. I got confused. :p

August 30, 2004 12:49 AM

wow.. a tiger.. thats so cool!! I wanna go somewhere like that. :)

lol the coolest ::cough cough not :: thing ive ever pet was umm... a lamb lol .. at a petting zoo hhehe..

August 30, 2004 6:38 PM

lol aww, do you live in a big city or something? Because there are lambs like a few miles from me. A whole bunch of animals actually. Oh well, at least you got to pet something, my friend Sidney has never touched an animal!

August 30, 2004 7:22 PM

I'm doing...well now i did (since andy's out)...the same thing during the us open
i hogged the whole basement den and didn't let anyone down and if they came down they couldn't talk and i had a layout for the table and i had to have my blanket nd the only day i didn't do it was during his match against johanssen oh well i even had a designated time to go get a snack and to go on bathroom breaks xD i wonder if I'll get the davis cup semifinals or the thailand open in canada...and i really need to sdee the AMEX andyroddick commercial!!!!!!

September 11, 2004 9:09 PM
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